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We sort the waste to the groups of  “RECYCLABLE MATERIAL” and “UNRECYCLABLE MATERIAL” to save nature. We put the waste to the special boxes.


We ventilate quickly and briefly to save the natural climate and atmosphere.


We learn to know about nature as it is.


We behave gently towards the nature and with all senses. We perceive all the forms of it.


We use electric energy to only when we urgently need it. We save the energy and save the water.


We throw out the waste, oils and noxious substances only to special boxes or septics.


We use only chemicals, which are gent to the environment and aren´t poisonous to all animals or plants on our planet. And we know that all natural resources are exhaustible.


We try to make all the people participate in ecological projects. We behave ecologically and look after environment, where we live.


All of us determine how will the nature look like in the future. And because of it, we behave ecologically.